Alcagrit AS

Alcagrit AS

Plastic wall coating with high thickness based on acrylic copolymers, pigments resistant to light and weathering, silica and quartz sands and selected spheroidals with a diameter between 1.5-1.8 mm. Highly durable over time, it can withstand the attack of urban and industrial pollution, marine salt or high and low temperatures.
Has characteristics of perfect adherence to the surface, high resistance to shock and mechanical pressures, good plasticity, excellent water repellency and stability against alkali, weathering and aging. Suitable for internal and external applications, on cement, gypsum-based, and civil plasters.
Suitable for walls that require good protection against weathering and washing.

  • Base

    • BB: White Base
  • Format

    • BB 21-1 KG
  • Dilution

    Ready to use

Technical data

Theoretical yield
1 kg/m² for 1 layer of 0.8 mm fine grain
Theoretical yield
1.5 kg/m² for 1 layer of 1.2 mm fine grain
Theoretical yield
2 kg/m² for 1 layer of 1.5 mm fine grain


  • Trowel

This product can be colored with our tinting system

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