Mural paint formulated with potassium silicate, styrol-acrylate-copolymers, inorganic pigments, selected quartz and various quality additives that, applied on wall surfaces reacts with the mineral salts present in the plaster, with the carbon dioxide and air humidity, giving rise to the formation of an organosilicone lattice of considerable hardness.
These reactions give the product: an absence of film-forming and therefore no phenomenon of flaking, chipping or cracking over time, maximum breathability as moisture doesn’t encounter any escape barrier, high resistance to algae and fungi, stability in light and bad weather, a characteristic appearance more or less marked by haloing and light and dark contrasts. It is important, however, that the wall to be decorated is free from plastic or washable exterior coatings, otherwise it would prevent the silicification reaction.
The surface to be coated must also be consistent, you should avoid fillings or patches made with plaster different from the existing one otherwise it could have unsightly “spots” due to the different reaction that the silicate paint will have with the various underlying primers.
The product is suitable for coating all types of mineral surfaces except for gypsum, be it in the form of plaster, plasterboard, or prefabricated gypsum.
It is particularly suitable in all those cases where the attainment of an antique look is wanted, with high resistance and breathability similar to antique coloured plaster or lime paints.

  • Base

    • BB: White Base
    • PN: Neutral Base
  • Format

    • BB 14-5 LT
    • PN 13,2-4,7 LT
  • Dilution

    Add 20-30% of water.

Technical data

10-12 Hours
Theoretical yield
4-5 m²/lt for 2 layers


  • Water
  • Paint Brush
  • Roller

This product can be colored with our tinting system

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