Boston Finitura

Boston Finitura

BOSTON FINITURA is a two-component polyurethane transparent protective paint, diluted with water and easy to apply. Gives surfaces excellent physical-mechanical characteristics and high chemical resistance to solvents, to domestic and industrial cleaning solutions, mineral oils, fuels. However, it is not recommended for surfaces that are in contact with very aggressive solvents, bases and concentrated acids, or in the presence of elevated humidity. Available in SHINY and SMOOTH variants.
Mainly recommended as a protective layer for surfaces treated with BOSTON product line coatings.

  • Base

    • BL: Glossy Base
    • BS: Frosted Base
  • Format

    • 14-5-1 LT
  • Dilution

    Ready to use. Max 5% water

Technical data

18 hours
Catalysis ratio
Component A 100 parts - Component B 25 parts in weight
Theoretical yeld
8-10 m²/lt for 2 layers


  • Water
  • Paint Brush
  • Roller

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