Isolcoprex Interior

Isolcoprex Interior

Pigmented primer for interiors, opaque with a smooth finishing based on acrylic copolymers in aqueous dispersion, selected pigments and fillers that give good plasticity, excellent anchorage to the surface, high coverage and high yield. It has excellent penetration, besides strengthening the sides it limits and evens the absorption of the surface. The particular particle size allows easier adhesion of subsequent coats of finishings such as high quality hydro paints or decorative paints of the ALCASILK and TAMPOLUX type, resulting also in an enhanced colour tone and aesthetic value.
It is suitable to be applied on various surfaces, such as alkaline substrates, gypsum plaster, rustic plaster, old walls, crumbling or highly-absorbent plasters.

  • Base

    • BB: White Base
    • PN: Neutral Base
  • Format

    • BB 5-1 LT
    • PN 4,5-0,9 LT
  • Dilution

    The first coat diluted with 50-100% of water the second with 30-40% of water.

Technical data

6-8 hours
Theoretical yield
8-10 m²/lt for 2 layers


  • Water
  • Paint Brush
  • Roller
  • Spray

This product can be colored with our tinting system

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