A water-based interior decorative paint, easy to apply. Its particular composition of acrylic resins dispersed in water and special pearlescent components, makes it possible to create unique finishes with shimmering or pearlescent colours. It may be applied on all surfaces already treated with water-based paints, including washable paints, enamels, and interior plastics. The product is environmentally friendly, low odour, so it can even be used in poorly ventilated areas.

For its outstanding chromatic effect it is particularly suited for embellishing the interiors of apartments, studios, villas, hotels, and any other environments that require unique and prestigious finishes. Therefore, it is suitable to be applied to multiple surfaces, properly prepared, such as wood, ferrous metal, alloy, PVC, as well as plaster, drywall, premixed and traditional plasters, old coatings in good condition. Ideal for decorating not only walls but also doors, window frames, furniture.

  • Base

    • PR: Pearl
    • GL: Gold
  • Format

    • 5-1 LT
  • Dilution

    Add 0-10% water depending on the finish.

Technical data

6-8 hours
Theoretical yield
5-15 m²/lt depending on the finish


  • Water
  • Paint Brush
  • Roller
  • Buffer
  • Metal Spatula

This product can be colored with our tinting system

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