Alcasil Fissativo

Alcasil Fissativo

Water-based primer composed of stabilised potassium silicate and styrol-acrylic copolymers with excellent strengthening and water-repellent properties. Thanks to its high penetrative capacity, it evens out the surface’s absorption without hindering its natural breathability and without creating barriers to the silicification reaction. Specifically for silicate paints and coatings, not only as a fixative primer but also as a dilution solvent.
On internal and external surfaces for the recovery of buildings and works of historical and cultural importance whose maintenance of breathability and final aesthetic aspect needs to remain unaltered. Suitable for applying on porous and absorbent surfaces such as lime or cement-based plasters or macroporous plasters. Not suitable on gypsum-based surfaces (including derivatives of gypsum).

  • Format

    • 14-5 LT
  • Dilution

    Ready to use.

Technical data

24 hours
Theoretical yield
10-14 m²/lt for 1 layer


  • Water
  • Paint Brush
  • Roller

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