A paint based on special high-performance resins, pigments, selected fillers and various high-quality additives which, combined in a unique formula, ensure properties of high resistance to wear and foot traffic, high elasticity, excellent to the surface adhesion, excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, ease of application and maintenance. It has a satinate appearance and non-slip texture.
Suitable for the protection and waterproofing of concrete surfaces and bituminous membranes. Specific for coating tennis courts, indoor soccer pitches, basketball courts, cycling and pedestrian paths – both in concrete and in tight mix asphalts.

  • Format

    • 14-5 LT
  • Dilution

    Add 20-30% water for the first coat, and max 10% of water for the second coat.

Technical data

Available colors
Red, Green, Grey
8-10 Hours
Theoretical yield
2-3 m²/lt for 2 layers


  • Water
  • Paint Brush
  • Roller
  • Spray

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