Single-component waterproofing protective solvent based on siloxane resins with low molecular weight. It reduces water absorption in the surfaces to be treated. It does not form a film and thus creates a hydrophobic barrier on the support without interfering in the osmotic water processes of transpiration. The product once dried, gives the treated surface its natural appearance.
It is used as a protective water repellent for flooring and bare surfaces such as concrete, decorative cement, terracotta stone, marble, granite, tuff and other building materials. It can be applied on lime or silicate based paints, even if such use determines a decrease in its effectiveness since a painted wall has a lower absorption capacity compared to an untreated plaster wall.
Impregnation with PROTESIL is not suitable for waterproof horizontal surfaces subject to water under pressure or stagnant water (terraces, basements, etc.).
It should not be applied to bricks that have been previously treated with water repellent or materials subject to capillary rising damp with capillary transport of salts or dampness in general.
The product does not have consolidating properties and should not be applied on plaster, organic paints and coatings and resinous plasters.
Carry out a preliminary test to check that colour changes do not occur on the treated surfaces when PROTESIL is used on natural stone, coloured plaster or other surfaces with uneven absorption.

  • Format

    • 2,5-1 LT
  • Dilution

    Ready to use

Technical data

1-2 Hours
Theoretical yield (drying time at 23 °C)
8-12 m²/lt for 2 layers


  • Paint Brush
  • Roller

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